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The concept “Lawyer of the Emigrant” is a project owned by the law firm Castilho International Law Firm, made up of professionals prepared to respond rigorously, effectively and dynamically to the challenges posed in the most diverse areas of law. This concept aims at decentralizing the classic law firm and bringing it closer to the people – in particular Portuguese citizens who are emigrated all over the world.

Our lawyers work daily with a view to the intransigent defense of their clients’ interests. We benefit from all the technical means for all areas of law, both in the particular strand and in the corporate sector, both in national actions and in those that require international action.

This page aims at legal support for Portuguese citizens, Portuguese descendants and foreigners with Portuguese nationality. We provide legal assistance, legal representation and prosecution in Portugal, with a guarantee of greater proximity between the client and lawyer. In this way, the relationships of trust and loyalty between our entity and the client, are now allied to a constant update and follow up of the issues that are being dealt with by your lawyer in Portugal.

Far away, but close to each other

The new concept created by Castilho International Law Firm called “Lawyer of the Emigrant” aims to shorten distances, leading the lawyer to those who need it most – the Portuguese Emigrants.

Have an active voice in Portugal. Claim your rights

Castilho International Law Firm will take care of your interests, putting an end to the marginalization and damage that unfortunately the emigrants face. We are known for working with the portuguese diaspora in all cases – including shares, divorce, claiming actions, legalization of the civil status in Portugal, recognition and transcription of foreign judgments, records of property and property – who by distance or by negligence, takes a lot more time to get solved, or take place in absentia, and which bring so many times the clients’ loss.

A multipurpose society with contemporary solutions

We are specialized in financial services such as support, advice and management of investment projects in Portugal, both in the purchase and rental of real estate and financial investments, but also in the level of corporate investments, where our integrated partner network is a the best solution. These processes, which by distance are often delayed or carried out in absentia and which often bring misfortune, are now treated in a different way. Through Castilho International Law Firm you benefit from winning representation, distinguished business advice and investment solutions in Portugal, taking full advantage of every situation.

Within one click

Whether by telephone, letter or e-mail and whenever necessary, our representative will meet you at your emigration country. This service is currently under development in four continents where portuguese people are found, and several protocols have already been established with multiple associations of emigrants. This being said, regardless of the country you live in, whether it’s in Europe, Northern or Southern America, Africa, Oceania or Asia, through this service, we will provide all the necessary support to solve your problems in Portugal, protecting and guarding your interests, as if you were here physically.

Ethics and Deontology

The permanent effort and dedication of our competent team continually aims to the provision of excellent services to all our customers, without exception. We guarantee total independence, freedom and respect for all interveners, honoring every act, with dedication to justice and freedom. We strive daily to maintain one-to-one relationships with each client – with clarity and proximity – with a focus on exceeding your expectations, making ours your process. We value all cases presented and all businesses, products or good names, with a demanding and specialized team at the forefront of the most diverse areas of law. We continuously keep up to date, particularly at legislative level, repeatedly anticipating and safeguarding future solutions.


We provide high quality services, peculiarity and exigency, responding – and above all – surpassing any and all needs of our clients.


The services provided by Castilho International Law Firm are exclusively based on Portuguese citizens living abroad, as well as all their children and relatives. We provide legal advice and represent you in all legal relations established with Portugal, including matters related to sharing, inheritance, divorce, property lawsuits, changes in civil status, reviews of foreign judgment, finances (especially in double taxation), deeds buying and selling, donations and wills.

Regardless of whether you reside on the European, American, African or Asian continent, we will assist you in solving your embarrassments in Portugal, protecting and safeguarding your interests as if you were here in person.

Given the other protocols established with emigration associations around the world, you may also wish to contact the association of emigrants closest to you, in order to know the availabilities of our services and the expected dates of the trips of our lawyers to your country.


“Invest intelligently.”

Castilho International Law Firm is part of a network of business partners that advise and manage investment projects in Portugal, both in the purchase and leasing of real estate and financial investments, as well as in the level of industrial investments. Learn how we can help you achieve success in the most intelligent way.

Investment Counseling

Financial Investments

Investment in Real Estate


Let us manage your assets.

Castilho International Law Firm has a wide range of real estate and / or financial asset management systems, designed for the Portuguese emigrant, so that the latter can capitalize on its existing assets in Portugal, as well as intensify its investment.

These services are provided by our lawyers, who, according to the clients’ instructions alone will execute their orders in Portugal, not needing to travel to that effect.

All services are subject to periodic reports provided to the client via mail or email. The existential doubts that remain are clarified within the distance of a call, without any additional costs. Our services are also aimed at strengthening ties with Portugal: we highlight the profitability of our portuguese heritage with great security and efficiency, avoiding its decapitalization, due to inefficient management due to distance or lack of knowledge.

Castilho International Law Firm excels by the rigor, care and delivery to the satisfaction of the maximum focus of society: the client. Do not let distance be a factor.

The journey of success begins here.


Migrant Associations

Castilho International Law Firm has been closely involved with Portuguese emigrants since its formation, in the country where they are emigrants. In this regard, we have entered into agreements and protocols of support and legal advice with various emigrant associations around the globe. In this way, its associates residing abroad can, at any time, clarify legal issues that need solved in Portugal.

Countless portuguese emigrants contact us to resolve certain issues in Portugal, benefiting from a 24-hour personalized service, using the classic means of communication.

“The proximity and tranquility, as if it were in Portugal in one of our offices”

Certain associations of portuguese emigrants, annually in partnership with our office, receive the presence of our lawyers in their headquarters, creating a specific day of personal and face-to-face legal support for the portuguese community, at no cost.

With Castilho International Law Firm, the portuguese emigrant can consult a portuguese lawyer face to face, in the country where he is emigrated. As if in Portugal, with all the comfort and tranquility, the client can, above all, put all their questions and doubts, and also give instructions for the resolution of their questions in Portugal.

Check the nearest association so that we know the dates of our trips to your country. Establish a direct relationship with your lawyer, and especially advance with the treatment of your issues in Portugal.


Portuguese descendants

Castilho International Law Firm also has in mind and consideration the luso descendants in the matter of legal support to issues related to Portugal. When there is death of ascendants, such as parents or grandparents, many responsibilities fall on the younger ones. The company, through exceptionally accredited lawyers, assists in the management and resolution of any problems and / or issues that they often represent for the lusodescendent difficulties, doubts and fears.

Even if they have never come to Portugal, do not speak Portuguese, do not know the family in Portugal and do not know the heritage, our lawyers are able to help them. Do not give up your family’s assets, do not give up your roots to Portugal. Just guarding and protecting your rights and everything that belongs to you will honor your family.




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